Getting my .GIF On | Part 1

Phone conversation with my sister Monday night–

ME:Okay, so I got my new DS assignment.

LUCE:  What do you have to do?

ME:  Make an animated .GIF from my favorite or least favorite movie.  It has to capture the emotion of a particular scene.

LUCE:  Oh, I don’t even know what that means.

ME:  Yes, you do.

LUCE:  No I don’t.

ME:  You DO!  You know- those clever, funny or dramatic short clips from movies and shows usually. You see them EVERYWHERE online.

LUCE:  No, I have no idea what you are talking about!  I’ve never seen anything like that.

ME:  You do, you just don’t realize it.  You HAVE seen them, just don’t realize what we are talking about has an actual name.  They are like, shakey, multiple pictures, sometimes have words…I dunno, I’ll send you a link to one.

(I send her a link to a Downton Abbey GIF)

LUCE:  OH!  I know those!  “West Nile Virus Cartoons”!


LUCE:  That’s what I call them because they make me sick when I look at them.

ME:  Good.bye.


I happen to like them, especially clever ones.  And no, I’m not foreshadowing that you will be seeing clever ones here.  It took enough mental fortitude to actually figure out HOW to make a .GIF, clever will come soon I promise…just wait for it!


The Assignment:

Say It Like the Peanut Butter

“Make an animated gif from your favorite/least favorite movie capturing the essence of a key scene. Make sure the movement is minimal but essential.”

Whoa.  I have to pick ONE favorite movie?  Or ONE least favorite movie?  What!?!  How can I choose just ONE?

I CAN’T!  So guess what?  I didn’t.  But that did make it a good chance to practice the process…

More tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on “Getting my .GIF On | Part 1

  1. I love the context of the sister conversation.

    No you don’t have to choose just ONE. Do 2,3,4, 29.

    The first rule of #ds106 club is that every rule, assignment can be broken, changed, recast in the name of creating interesting art.

  2. Wonderful! And agreed — your whole conversation with your sister is a hoot! The conversation is a wonderful technique to introduce what your are going to be talking about, and is much more entertaining than just having a similar dialogue with your invisible reader!

    The while process of making GIFs continues to be a learning experience — You can always return to Wesley at some point down the road and fix him up. I have some GIFs that I have yet to post — but my learning has moved past what it was when I first made them. The evolution of your GIFs and Getting your GIF on is a story in itself! Each one of us has our own GIF adventure.

    It’s an adventure that I enjoy! Yay, GIFs!!!

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