Getting My .GIF On | Part 3

Okay, so basically I thought I would show you my awesome ATTEMPT at  making a .GIF with less movement.  The goal was to lower the shaking in the background so that the REAL main focus would be the actual action.

Let’s just say, Fail.

Not because of the tutorial I used from @cogdog.  It was awesome, my end product was not.  But man did I try.

I tried over and over again to get the photo shopping right, until I was standing next to a three story window…opened it… and ALMOST threw my computer out of it.

I resisted.

Here is my fail.  Westley’s head gets cut off on the right, and there is a line on the left from cutting him out of the scene THAT. WILL. NOT. GO AWAY.

The Princess Bride


Finally I stopped.  walked away.  Drank a shot of Jack Daniels, (HA!  I wish) and got back to work.  I decided to start with a different movie, Westley was p!$$!^& me off.

Gone with the Wind.

Classic, beautiful, and how could anything go wrong?  Actually it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  While I think it could use a little work and I am no .GIF professional I think it came out pretty well.  The background is smooth and doesn’t move, the action is all in Scarlett.



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2 thoughts on “Getting My .GIF On | Part 3

  1. Nice try creating cinemagraphs. My suggestion for the first one would be to cut out a larger piece of the field so it can give the character a chance to move more freely without being constrained to the outline of the first frame. The 2nd one is perfect though!

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