It’s been a .GIFeriffic Kinda Week

This week brought .GIF’s, tears, and laughs.  The tears and laughs were brought on by watching awful and some amazing movie scenes.  It is hilarious how BAD some movies actually are!

Seriously, Gigli???  Max and Me???  Glitter???  Worst of the worst really.  That said I decided to NOT do a .GIF of any of those.  Period.

The assignment:

Say It Like the Peanut Butter

“Make an animated gif from your favorite/least favorite movie capturing the essence of a key scene. Make sure the movement is minimal but essential.”

I made 4 .GIF”s this week.  Some were more successful than others.  You can see them HERE and HERE.  I’m gonna share my 2 favorites right here.

I was a little concerned at the beginning of this week.  I watched some tutorials, read some articles, and took a deep breath.  After figuring out how to use Photoshop to import the videos I decided to use- I got down to business.  Some of the scenes DID NOT WORK.  Some of the scenes worked well.  Some of the scenes would have worked if I was more proficient with Photoshop.  (that will come with more practice and work.)

I was totally excited to be building these and hope you like them.

The first .GIF is from Gone With the Wind.  It is the scene where Scarlett and Rhett’s daughter, Bonnie dies.



Now this second one isn’t minimal at all.  BUT!  I love it.  It is the scene from 200 Cigarettes where the cabbie is giving Cindy a life lesson.

Getting My .GIF On | Part 2

Both of these were created with PwnYouTube, Photoshop CS6, and lots of patience.

The short and dirty of it:

1. Grab video from YouTube (PwnYouTube),

2. Import in frames to Photoshop CS6,

3.  Edit down to as few frames as possible, I was shooting for between 3 and 6,

4.  Set the frame times,

5. Close your eyes, cross  your fingers, and hope for the best,

6.  Save for the web (32 colors),

7.  Post.


Okay, now for my daily Creates!  These are really fun.  Next week I want to do more than just two, I loved all of the ideas this week, but I chose to do Got milk? Another favorite breakfast beverage? Make a picture. Make it art.

Favorite Breakfast Beverage

and Describe the sky in a single sentence without using any color words.


(This is a cropped screenshot of my submission.)


Building the site has gone pretty well.  The one snag I’ve hit is part of the template isn’t properly supported in Firefox.  All of the posts are supposed to have a circle on the front page, but in Firefox the posts with pictures that are the featured image (no way to get rid of this) the circle doesn’t appear unless you hover above it.  It just looks like a blank space unless the mouse is over it.  Annoying.  I am still trying to figure out how to change this…in the CSS?…because I have seen this template in a few other places and it looks perfect.  I am working on this piece of the puzzle.

I really think the site looks like ME.  Style-wise.  Simple, clean and fun at the same time.  LOVE.

I have made a simple welcome site. 

I am going to start putting my daily creates in one post a week I think, I need to get them organized in some fashion or another.


Time for me to get down to business.





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5 thoughts on “It’s been a .GIFeriffic Kinda Week

  1. GIFeriffic. That’s a new word for me! I love it.

    Was the text already in place in your second GIF above, or did you add it? Either way, that GIF rocks! Full of energy and colour — not all animated GIFs need be subtle. (Just the old early-days-of-the-web flashing, “Under Construction” GIFs. Those ones should be subtle, for sure.)

    I really like the textures in your Breakfast Beverage photo — it’s not clear to me what I’m looking at (which is good, ’cause it keeps me looking longer at all the details!), and I really like that the arc is off-centred so it leads your eye through the frame. Nice.

    Your theme is very pleasantly subtle and understated. I like it. It took me a while to suss out where the comment button was (there has to be one, right?) but once I found it by mousing around, then it was easier to locate the next time. Not a lot easier, … but a little bit easier because I knew it was there. ;-)

    PS — maybe make a B-I-G bright POINTY ARROW animated GIF with a message that FRENETICALLY FLASHES something like “the subtle comment button is R I G H T H E R E =====>>>> ;-)

    • Thank you very much for the compliments. You are welcome to use .GIFeriffic wherever you would like, heck, maybe I’ll add it to the urban dictionary! Mybe we can make it the “next big thing” HA!

      In the second .GIF, 200 Cigarettes I added the text. It is a line from that scene and I just could NOT leave it out. That took me some work to figure out how to make it happen, but when I did I had a “duh” moment.

      THAT! is a great idea, (arrow) I’ll work on figuring that out, that or somehow figure out how to change the transparency of the comments button.

  2. I can echo what Andy said. Your GIFs are really good for a first go with them, the one of Scarlett really captures the moment.

    Photoshop really is my favorite GIF tool. The key is working in frames in the animation palette and then adding layers, turning their visibility on and off per frame as needed. You will get more adventures with GIFs in a few weeks.

    But anytime you wanna GIF, do it.

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