Girl Makes A Mess

super xavy


So yesterday I thought I may have broken the internet…at least my corner.

BUT!  CogDog and timmyboy fixed me right up.


Words of advice:  Don’t do what I did.

Conundrum:  I don’t know WHAT? I did.

Second Piece of advice:  Ask for help. and then STOP TOUCHING THINGS.


@cogdog is there, cape and all.

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2 thoughts on “Girl Makes A Mess

  1. WOAH! Did you make that dog with a cape in photo shop? Very impressive if you did. And how did you do the border around the picture? You must be a pro or something – or maybe a DS 106-er at heart!?

    • I think just a ds106’er at heart! That’s my pup, a cape, and some Photoshopping. The border around the picture is a brush installed into Photoshop sized to the image. Thanks!

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