What the Heck is Storytelling?

Story telling is quilts and campfires, myth and legend, paper and voice, true and fabricated.  With as many ways as there are to tell stories it seems silly for me to say it is almost hard to define what a story actually is.  But it is hard to define!  Yes, stories include some sort of description of an event, emotion, or place and time, but there is so much more; every story is a part of someone, the storyteller.

Over the ages so many stories have been told.  The story of the hunt can be found in caves.  Stories about play can be found in the toys children play with.  Classic pen to paper stories fill libraries in communities and homes everywhere.  Oral stories live on in each of us.

We have all heard “A picture is worth a 1000 words.”  No truer words have ever been spoken.  My favorite stories are found in a moment captured.  Whether or not I know what is going on in a picture my mind is sure to make a story that lives in a particular photograph.

Storytelling is sharing, remembering, imagining, and loving.  Storytelling is a way to remember, dream, understand, and give of oneself.  Storytelling can be joyous, upsetting, hard to do, magical, and at times necessary.

narwhal story maya angelou

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8 thoughts on “What the Heck is Storytelling?

  1. I dont know how to say this without sounding completely cheesy but your closing paragraph honestly gave me chills. Can I please re-use that definition? It is also going to be going hard for me to write my post without mentioning yours, soo please be aware now that I may/probably will/will definitely be citing you! I’m not trying to sound like a total kiss ass but I honestly admire your way with words.

  2. I think you did a great job defining what a digital story is! I love your choice of words and how your picture {by the way, I LOVE polka dots} kind of told a story. It’s hard to define something that is so broad and can take form in a million different ways, but you did a good job at hitting all the basics!

  3. Seriously, Micaela said exactly my thoughts. This really comes through as your own ideas, and your words are ones that conjure up images and sounds.

    I will definitely use this in telling other people about how awesome my ds106 students are.

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  6. Alan, Thank you very much.
    I am enjoying every minute of this class, and each assignment. This one in particular really made me think. I don’t write much so putting thoughts into words instead of paint is sometimes challenging.

    Thanks and–Share away!

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