Stories and Their Shapes

“Keep your hat on. We may end up miles from here”

—Kurt Vonnegut

I decided to illustrante the average episode of Property Brothers on HGTV.  I love everything about that show.  The homes, the designs, THE BROTHERS

You notice there is a general shape all of the episodes take on:

1-  “Oh, we want to buy a house.  Just know…our eyes are bigger than our budget. He he.”

2- “Hi, we’re the Property Brothers, we can help.” (hopes are raised.)

3- “Here is a house that has everything on your wishlist.” (swooning ensues)

4- “The price of this house is 1.265498 Million Dollars more than we can
afford.” (perplexed) “Why would you bring us here?”

5- “We have a solution for you, a fixer-upper!” (confused, disbelieving looks)
“We are sure we can put everything you want into one of the following..”

6- House one: “Eh…”

7- House two: “Blech…”

8- House three: “Seriously?”

9- “This is never gonna work for us, those homes are awful.” (pained faces)

10- Enter CGI versions of revised, updated homes. (eyes widen, smiles slip across faces)

11- “Oh my gosh!  You could really do that?” “ Yes!”  “Okay, let’s do it!”

12-  “This IS our dream home now!  You did it!  Thank You, Thank You,
Thank You!” (elation)


Shape of a story

I tell ya, That is how EVERY. EPISODE. GOES.  BUT!  I still love every minute of it.

I know, I have a problem…  moving on…


Right now I am loving anything to do with Kristen Stewart (ugh…) and Grumpy Cat (yay…)  I think she is beautiful, but the worst actress with the littlest facial animation EVER.  That damn cat is adorable, and i don’t even really like cats…  SO! When I ran across this:

grumpy cat ks via

I knew it was telling the story I wanted to ‘read’!  Now, this is totally a digital Story.

In six pictures that cat imitates Kristen Stewart impeccably.  And you know this wouldn’t be remotely funny if it weren’t true, this is the face she makes.  All.The.Time.

Oh!  and while this took a-r-e-a-l-l-y-l-o-n-g-t-i-m-e to make, I mapped the shape of this story for you…You can thank me later.

KSgrumpy storyshape


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4 thoughts on “Stories and Their Shapes

  1. You keep taking original angles on your work, Jennifer, that makes me smile. I would have never thought to apply the curve to a reality show (or is that the gener, fix iy up shows?) but ti makes total sense. I imagine there is one farther out that dips down, after the show is long gone, and they find te dream home is built on a landfill or a sink hole (dark I know).

    How dod you create your graphs? I love the geomtric patterns and bright colors. And I never saw that grumpy cat one, and lok at you charting its flat story line out. Neat.

  2. Thanks Alan. The grumpy cat business it so rediculous it makes me laugh every time.

    I just use photoshop cs6. I love trying to make things in there. They aren’t fancy, but I still like them, they are my style. I have illustrator also but HAVE NOT mastered that one. Heck I haven’t even really figured it out yet.

    The honeycomb pattern is just a repeating pattern I made, I was thinking of it like little busy bees making a home for the DIY-ness of the show.

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