60 minutes in 56 Seconds

The assignment: Create a sound effect story. This is a challenge to tell a short story (no longer than 60 seconds) using nothing but sound effects!


Well here she is folks!  This is my story about the end of a long day.


This was really fun.  The hardest part, after actually DOING it, was figuring out what the heck my story was going to be.  I decided to take a cue from my every day life.

Here are the effects I used from freesound.org:

I will say there are sooooo many options for sounds out there, my story took a few turns before I reeled it back in a bit to my liking.

It was a little easier to do this assignment because I have figured some of the features of Audacity out at this point a little bit better…not much, but a little!



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