20 Minutes | A Photo Blitz

The assignment:

Here is an exercise that is a fun way to try out your visual interpretation skills. Below are a list of subjects to capture in photos that you must try and capture within a 20 minute window of time. In this case it is less about capturing artistic images, but just doing what you can to be inventive and interpret the list. Before you do this, pick a place that is likely to have a lot of variety of subjects (middle of town or campus, your basement, whatever).


This was like a scavenger hunt for grown-ups!

start time

PS I had a hard time taking a decent digital clock photo, the numbers looked strange no matter what– so a bit of photo shop help ensued….but I digress.

collage 1visualds106


collage 2 ds106 visual


end time

I took these pictures on our way around town for a bit.  Some are in the car, some are out.  I enjoyed looking for specific things, but at the same time making them as different as I could.

Like the “Take a photo that represents the idea of “openness”” idea–> sure, I could have taken a picture of a field, stream or sky, nut i chose to take a picture of the TAR-JAY shopping cart with the quote about change attached to it.  To me, feeling free is accepting change, on so many levels.

For the “Take a photo of someone else’s hand (or paw)”  I amended it to a foot, well feet.

For “Take a photo that expresses a human emotion” a picture of a piece of my journal.


Looking at other versions of this photoblitz makes me think I may have gone a little off of the deep end with some of it.  Well, hell, c’est la vie.  I like it.  I like the way I think.

I happen to like some of the other ones out there too.  One of my favorites is this one because at first I thought it was a thermos, and I thought eh, kitchen gadge….wait! thats hairspray!  Those Do NOT belong together, just ask the Fire Marshall!
To Items that don't go together




Another thing that was cool about this assignment is how it INSTANTLY made me think of a day last summer with my niece.

She is 5 going on 27.

I like to make sure she has lots of options of things to do when she comes to visit Aunt Fer-Fer (me) and Uncle Mike (my husband).  I try and think of a couple things and let her choose for the day.  Well– one of the activities was a photo scavenger hunt.

I drew pictures of items she needed to find, then she and I took the list downtown and walked for hours looking for the list items.  When she found something on the list she took a picture.  She had a blast!  I had fun too!

Here are some of her pictures, just so you GET THE PICTURE.  HA!  I kill me.

mias finds collage



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4 thoughts on “20 Minutes | A Photo Blitz

  1. I’m digging your photos, especially the photo collage, it looks great. What program did you use to make it? I’m also wondering where your ending time photo was? I love how you did this with your niece and made it even more fun.

    • The ending or last photo was the shot from my journal TRUST.
      I used Photoshop and the magic of clipping masks! They seem like a pain, but once you get them figured out they are GREAT!

  2. Not off the deep end at all, I love how you interpreted the photos. Its easy to tak a photo of a door, but to capture a quote taped on the back of a wally world shopping cart? Go father off the deep end!

    And I dig reading how you have already done this as an activity for your niece, its good for kids of all ages. For me I am as or more interested in reading about the idea behind the photo.

    Hmmm, clipping masks. I gotta learn more. I’ve used PhotoShop since 1995 and I still have not gotten anywhere near the bottom of things to learn. Perhaps you could write up a tutorial on the method (it counts towards your requirement to do these)

    • Oh Thanks Alan!

      Clipping masks! That is a great idea for a tutorial. I’m gonna start working on that soon.

      When I was doing the scavenger hunt with Mia it was all about letting her be in charge of the camera. The little drawings were just a guide so that there would be a LITTLE BIT of space left on my SD card before the end of the day. She had fun setting herself up to take each picture, instead of just one gazillion, billion shots of her fingers. OH. Don’t you worry, there are PLENTY of those too!

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