Splash the Color| Two Stars

The Assignment:

“For this week, you need to complete 10 stars worth of Visual Assignments — this could be doing 5 assignments rated 2 stars, etc. One of them is required by everyone, so we can all do the same one and compare our ideas, but beyond that, you get to pick the ones you want to do to complete your 10 pack.”

Splash The Color

tire color splash


I happen to find “color spot” photos to be distracting unless REALLY WELL done and left to a minimum.  I did this just to try it out.  Someone who did this well is @bellekid.  Her photo with the taxi and model is AWESOME!


Photoshop was my friend in this post. Nothing fancy, just selected the tire, selected the inverse and set to black and white.

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2 thoughts on “Splash the Color| Two Stars

  1. I’ll have to try that technique, if I do this kind of thing again. I haven’t found a reason to use this type of effect, but one must exist out there. It must, right?

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