Begining My Best Of Collection | Photo Style

The Assignment:

“Create a set on flickr, a collection of the best of your photos. Add to it every week…”

So I started my set, a whopping THREE pictures in it already!


I chose these pictures for a few reasons:

1.  I like to look at them.

2.  They make me smile.

3.  The level of ambiguity in each makes them interesting.

I hope as a collection they tell the story of someone excited to take risks, someone who is looking for adventure in her art, and someone who will try anything once.

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4 thoughts on “Begining My Best Of Collection | Photo Style

  1. I’m liking your photo collection this far but I’m sure that you have more photos that you have taken that you could add to it. I have an RSS feed syndicator set up so I know when my group mates post blogs and your new posts are not showing up on it. I’m not sure why but I figured that I’d let you know.

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