It’s a Wonder | Three Stars

The Assignment:

These projects all involve some aspect of re-editing existing content to change the meaning or making something new that visual represents an idea.

Minimalist TV/Movie poster design  

(How did I forget to put ^ that in!)

“All women can do wonders if they’re put to the test.”

Season 1 Episode 2




Wonder_Woman minimal3


Really there are no words needed.

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2 thoughts on “It’s a Wonder | Three Stars

  1. Actually I am looking for some narration here. I do not know what assignment this is for, minimalism is good for design, but not for writing up your stuff! Your assignment posts need to include the title, link, and description of the assignment you chose to do. I am also looking for the ideas behind it.

    • I added the assignment info, I’ll be sure to do a little back-tracking this week about some of last weeks assignments, and FOR sure do a better job overall this week!

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