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Fail.  This week was a fail.


Well not totally, but man when life happens.  IT HAPPENS.  Feel free to replace life with some other four letter word.

And so I’m here late.  I may get no credit for this week. UGH.  but I’m not giving up.  I’m at least gonna show you what I did.


FIRST, I did a bit of an update.

Then I started working on our assignments.


I did these daily Creates

Photo Caption Action

Should have studied business.



Goat Girl

Harper-harper Bo Barper

Mocha Choa YA YA

Xavy baby

I made these silhouettes of my pups, because EVERY day with my pups are my best memories.


I’m a Pastry

I’m a really looooooong table full of pastries.


Cozy Nose


Seriously a little devil doggie.


This week the daily creates were right up my alley.  I EVEN managed to complete four out of seven.  Score.  Although maybe I should have stopped at 3 based on the rest of the week.

I think the Photo Caption Action create was my favorite.



Six Word Memoir 

Brought to You By

It’s a Wonder

Each of these was an interesting introspection in a way.  I went with things that were near and dear to me.  Okay, so Brought to you by  is tongue in cheek, but seriously, pay attention to what people say, you will hear it.

(***I am in NO WAY  a grammar master, but really, womEn, womAn??)


Oh By The Way…The one I forgot to post!  My Week in Fiji. One Star



Design Safari part 1

Design Safari Blitz style part 2

Design Blitz part 3

It was interesting to take a look at things we look at every day, and analyze them a bit more.  I have to say I must’ve spent 63,762 hours on the site Bad Designs and I’ll give them this—-> There are MANY poorly designed products, items, and everyday things out there, but seriously, WE WERE GIVEN A BRAIN FOR A REASON.  Many of the highlighted “Bad” designs were really operator error as far as I could tell.

The butter knife

It’s a BUTTER knife.  It really doesn’t matter which side ‘cuts’ because guess what NONE OF THEM DO!  You could use the handle as the blade with as much efficiency.

The Stapler

Who stands on TOP of their Stapler?

The Cutting Board

This person simply has kitchen organization issues.


And, while this still needs a post, AND ONE IS COMING.  Learning By design.

**************Click here for the update!***************

I made this on a series of napkins while listening to this TED talk by Jok Church.




This was by far one of the BEST TED talks I have ever listened to.  I tried to really just listen and doodle at the same time.  So hey, it’s not really that pretty, but it is the things that came to me while I was listening, taking it all in.


My comment group has been pretty silent this week except for Miss Amber May!  Thank you Amber.  I was able to comment on everyone’s page somewhere except Chelsea’s because there was nothing new at the time that I hadn’t commented on the week before, and then I didn’t make it back after all of her great content went up, sorry Chelsea.

My comment group is my radio show group, and there has been A LOT of discussion between us that way.  Go Us.

All kinds of Radio Show/Group info is available over here—–>


I understand I’m getting a big fat zero.


I’m not giving up.


I updated this post with clear eyes, brain, and heart. 2/25/2013






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2 thoughts on “Week in Review | Design it Up

  1. Hey I am in charge of the zeroes, and sorry, there are none for you this week. You absolutely have a strong design sense and it shows in your graphics and your writing. I would like to see for some assignments more of the story behind it.

    Your Six word Memoir is brave and powerful. I am proud of that.

    • Thank you–Good thing you are in charge of the zero’s, they can get so testy at times! The story, the process, the why, and how noted. This week is in no way a reflection of the class or your instructions. It is great, and they are clear. My week just wasn’t.

      Thank you for the memoir fist-bump. It was HARD, mentally, and emotionally, but really effective, and cathartic. Thanks

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