Beat a Bike | 3 Stars

The Assignment:

Over the span of this assignment stretch, you must complete 5 points of audio assignments from the audio category in the Assignment Bank.


Beat Craigslist



This assignment seemed so silly when I read it, I just HAD to do it.

I was right.


I interpreted “beat poem” as like a Beatnik style poem of the late 50’s and 60’s.

So I looked up “Beatnik”

Wikipedia  Speaks of how “Joyce Johnson described how the stereotype was absorbed into American culture: “Beat Generation” sold books, sold black turtleneck sweaters and bongos, berets and dark glasses, sold a way of life that seemed like dangerous fun—thus to be either condemned or imitated. Suburban couples could have beatnik parties on Saturday nights and drink too much and fondle each others wives.”

Urban Dictionary has many colorful entries, this was my favorite, “Jazz hippies in berets.  Like…wow daddio. = Beatnik speak.”




This assignment was an exercise in patience–via audio.

How do you do this you ask?

1.  Take a deep breath

2.  Close the computer, walk away, go grab some Do-si-do’s and a big glass of milk.

3. Brainstorm. Walk around the house aimlessly, hoping you can pull this off.

4. GO!

5.  I had already downloaded audacity.  (free and easy to use.) {OH! I  downloaded the converter before too, you are gonna need it.* }

6.I spent approx. 626 minutes on FREESOUND listening to and deciding between all the cool jazzy trumpet, cello, bass, and drum selections.

7.-294. Using audacity try, sample, listen, do-over, try again, listen more, smack-head, walk-away, return, bang the desk, smile, listen some more, watch the tutorial over again, play with dogs, laugh at your own antics, relax, SAVE.

Here is what my audacity looked like when I had come to the end.

beatnik craigslist screenshot


295.  Walk away.

296. Export to convert to an MP3 file. (*This is why you need the converter)

297. Upload to SoundCloud.

298. Sit back and enjoy!

299.  Keep practicing!

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