Pretty, Portly, and Perfect Just The Way I Am.

The assignment:

“Develop your own fictitious character, give them a name and a bit of personality traits. Have that person leave comments on at least 5 blog posts by other students in our class, and where possible, they should interact with other characters there. Be interesting (do not be mean or rude!) and see how your character can interact and relate to the content on other blogs.”


Who is this you ask?

This is @plumpmermaid

While I was trying to wrap my head around the assignment I kept coming up empty.  So I decided to do something else.  I painted…while I was working on my painting a mermaid jumped to the forefront of my brain!

I scrambled for a new piece of paper and began to sketch this little gal.  She isn’t fancy, and I’m NO GOOD at figure/realistic/portrait/anythingbutabstractordogpaintings, but she has a cute illustrative look.  Like.

I finished her off with some…wait for it.. WATERcolors. Ha.  I kill me.


Plump Mermaid made her way around the ds106 blogosphere and had fun while she was at it!

She visited:

Slowly Killin Tim E.

Waiting for the Spark

Hello Brittany

Confessions of a future Disney Princess

Coles DS106 Blog cywrough


Above the Clouds


Plump Mermaid is a talker too!  She discussed the beach, make-up, finball, movies, travel,  and late night snacks!

You can find Plump Mermaid on Twitter   She is looking for Followers!

You can even contact her via e-mail–>  the number 1, the word plump, a period, the word mermaid, the at sign, the word gmail, dotcom


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