Notice Anything?

The assignment:

“you will be intervening in the code and design of a website of your choice to tell a story. You are not to photoshop the design of the site (if you can), but rather intervene in the actual html and CSS of the site—though you can photoshop particular images on the site.”

This was an interesting challenge.

–What website would I choose?

–What would I change on the page?

–How would I make those changes?

–Would it really ‘work’?

–Would the end product tell a story?

I don’t know, you tell me.




Oh… you want to know where to find the site?

Look at the top of this page.  See anything new?  Yup, I added a link to one of my favorite place to get great gifts and art.  Etsy.  Click the MY ETSY link and then click the arrow link and you will arrive!

Here’s a screenshot:



The images I used were gleaned from across the interwebz.



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