Girl Without A Net

Hi!  My name is Jennifer.  I am a thirty-something gal living the good life with a great husband and some crazy dogs in Northern Virginia.

crazy dogs outtakes

I really like to make stuff. Yes, you read that right, stuff, all kinds of stuff.

  • I like to try most anything, but usually fall back on painting, photography, and stuff that involves more planning than I am willing to do, and more detail than I have an eye for.  I love to pick a project that turns out to be a LOT more complicated than ‘THEY’ made it look.
  • I am an artist.  I make art every day.  I’m learning to hear my artists’ voice more clearly each day.

This website is primarily dedicated to DS106 an online Digital Storytelling class, through UMW.  I’m super excited, and by excited I mean SCARED AS SHIT.  Wish me luck.

Hey, you can join in too as an open participant, go, on, do it.


Join me along my journey!  Subscribe and comment often!  Thanks for stopping by!


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